Opinions concerning Standardizing the Regular Meeting of the General Manager

In order to intensify the hotel consciousness of managers of middle and high levels and to promote management standardization and scientific development, the hotel especially standardizes the criterion of holding regular meetings of the general manager on Mondays in order to enhance the hotel management status.

1.      Basic Criteria

1. 1 Meeting time

The secretary of the general manager office should present in the meeting 10 minutes ahead of time, and other participants should 5 minutes ahead of schedule. The phenomenon that the superiors wait for the inferiors should be put to an end.

1.2 Appearance The meeting room is one of the important working regions in the hotel and all the participants must wear working uniforms, clean up the hair, take notebooks, pens according to the employee handbook and walk into the meeting room energetically.

1. 3 Communication tools

During the conference, all communication tools should be in off or in meeting mode. For the calls to receive, it should be answered as briefly as possible ivithout disturbing others.

1.4 Notes-taking

Managers from various departments should report important information related to operation, quality and reception, and especially data information. Deputy General Manager and assistant general manager should arrange relevant work. When the general manager and the Communist Party Secretary assign the working, the participants should take careful notes of it.

1.5 Presentation

The managers from various departments should prepare outlines before conference and present it concisely and compendiously to make sure everyone can hear it clearly. In principle, the presentation time of managers should be restricted within five minutes while that of the deputy manager and the assistant of the general manager within ten minutes.

2. Conference Preparation

2.1 Assuming bodies

The general manager office takes charges of various meeting of all subject conferences, which the general manager requires to attend as well as the regular meetings Guilin great things to do. The director of the general manager office presides over examining and supervising the meeting course and the disciplines of the participants.

2.2 Regular topics for discussion

The regular meetings such as the regular China cities tour work meeting need to do the following preparations ; Attendance book, operation information tables of last week (put in positions according to the relevant persons ) ; and supervision of the servants in the meeting center to prepare drinks one minute before the conference.